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Opinel Zaag no 12 stainless
3123840006586 € 32,95 incl. 21% VAT
ParaSaw Zwart L CRKT
Having a length of cordage along on your next great outdoor excursion is never a bad ideaâǦ cleverly adding in a handy cable saw for the unexpected couldn't hurt either.
Ken Onion applied his passion for creating useful tools, and his personal love of the outdoors, in designing the Onion Survival Para-Saw™. It is 8 to 9 foot length (depending on size ordered) of nylon paracord that's braided into a bracelet form—with a plastic encased, tungsten carbide coated wire saw woven into the braided cord.

In the emergency survival event that you had to use the cordage and/or wire saw, you simply unravel the bracelet. The Para-Saw™ paracord survival bracelet uses a quick release buckle to easily secure it on your wrist, or on your gear.

Now you can have along two very handy survival tools, in one easy to travel package! Cordage for securing, lashing, or paring down for other uses and an effective wire saw to cut limbs, wood, or any number of things in a survival situation.

If you are the type that gets outdoors, be prepared. These are a must have!

Available in two sizes/lengths and several earthy colors including, tan, green, and black.
0794023093001 € 32,50 incl. 21% VAT
Stormproof Match Kit Uco
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Stormproof lucifers in een waterdichte container met rubber afdichting en schroefdop. Wind en waterproof branden maar liefst 15 econden. Ontbranden zelfs na korte onderdompeling in water of zand. Ideaal voor het starten van een vuurtje met natuurlijke materialen. Strike surface ook nog functioneel na onderdompeling. Daarnaast 2 extra strikers in plastic zakje.
054269000318 € 10,95 incl. 21% VAT
25 Stormproof Matches UCO
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Strormproof lucifers wind en waterproof branden 15 seconden ontbranden zelfs wanneer deze even onder water worden gedompeld. 2 extra strikers in plastic zakje.
054269000189 € 6,50 incl. 21% VAT
Gerber coarse tooth sawblade
G-70151 Coarse Tooth Saw Replacement Blade.Double cut saw tooth design. Stainless construction. For usewith the Exchange-A-Blade Sport Saw
0013658701519 € 9,05 incl. 21% VAT
Scout kompas Oliegevuld
Robust compass in a matte-silver metal housing, with sighting slit in the lid. Other accessories include a magnifying glass in the viewfinder and a rotating scale. The liquid-damped scale division offers a combined 360 degrees / 64 bar. All important points are covered with luminous paint.

Technical data
Weight 78 g
Length Open 5.0 cm
0000000268127 € 14,95 incl. 21% VAT
78 gevonden, waarvan 6 getoond.
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