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E15 140lumen Fenix.
De Fenix E15 is een hoogwaardig LED-zaklampje dat is uitgerust met een Cree XP-E LED.
Het lampje heeft 3 lichtstanden en werkt op 1 CR123A batterij.

Klein genoeg voor aan de sleutelhanger, en zowel de bouwkwaliteit als de lichtopbrengst zullen je verbazen. De maximale lichtopbrengst van 140 ANSI lumen is ruimschoots voldoende voor de meest voorkomende situaties.

¦Compact LED-zaklampje met 3 lichtstanden, vervaardigd van aluminium ¦Duurzame Type III hard geanodiseerde finish ¦Bediening door draaien van de lampkop ¦Speciaal geharde, ultra-heldere glazen lens met anti-reflectiecoating & metalen reflector ¦Maakt gebruik van een Cree XP-E LED met een levensduur van 50.000 uur ¦3 lichtstanden naar keuze (door het verdraaien van het lampkopje) ¦75 ANSI Lumen (4 uur 15 minuten) -> 10 ANSI Lumen (30 uur) -> 140 ANSI* Lumen (1 uur 51 minuten) ¦Bereik van de bundel: 89 m volgens ANSI norm ¦Digitaal gereguleerd voor een constante lichtopbrengst ¦Werkt op 1 CR123A batterij (eenmalig of oplaadbaar) ¦Lengte: 6,1 cm ¦Dikte: 1,9 cm ¦Gewicht: 23 gram (exclusief batterijen) ¦Waterdicht volgens IPX-8 standaard

5 jaar garantie op materiaal- en fabrikagefouten

* De opgave van de lichtsterkte is volgens de ANSI / NEMA FL 1-2009 normering. Dit betekent dat de waarden lager kunnen liggen dan oude opgaven. Uiteraard heeft deze lagere waarde geen gevolg voor de lichtsterkte van de lamp. Het voordeel van de ANSI / NEMA FL 1-2009 normering is dat de waarden goed met elkaar vergeleken kunnen worden en een reëel beeld geven van de dagelijkse praktijk.
6942870301143 € 29,95 incl. 21% VAT
Nextorch Smart Torch 18650 Rechar.
Overige merken
Nextorch surprised to be relatively young lamp manufacturers exceptional solutions for the demanding user lamp. Modern LED technology, coupled with smart programming options which allow the user to easily and quickly, adapt the lamp and its operating modes fully to their own needs. The myTorch series offers a unique concept that allows the user to program the lamp entirely according to your needs. All lamps are equipped with a water-protected USB port to which the myTorch can be connected to a PC or laptop. An extremely easy to use software now allows the programming of any number of freely configurable operating modes. Specifically, the following modes can be programmed and configured: Constant light, continuously variable from 5% to 100% light output, Blink-/Strobe mode, continuously variable frequency from 0.5 Hz to 20 Hz programmable sequence of 0.5 sec 10 sec in length 20 steps, suitable for light signals or dark phases of 5 milliseconds to 3 seconds. These three modes can be programmed in any order and number. As is known by many other lamps, the modes are then switched on the lamp by tapping on the end cap. The software also offers the opportunity to test the programmed modes for each directly connected to the lamp with a single click, without the same set of programming. In addition, you can save a complete programming as an individual profile and upload them again as needed to the lamp without having to compile the program again from scratch. This allows different profiles for the same lamp store and move easily in seconds, eg for hunting, camping, self-protection, etc. Solid aluminum housing (6061-T6), waterproof (1m) and hard-anodized. Luminescent switch cap. Supply pre-programmed with high-low and strobe with a USB cable (standard mini-USB). Type 18650 with integrated battery (Li-Ion). The cable also acts as a charging cable, allowing, for the lamp load on each USB port. Up to 200 lumens (ANSI).
4045011078293 € 114,95 incl. 21% VAT
Hoofdband LD20 PD30 Fenix.
Deze hoofdband van Ortec werkt uitstekend in combinatie met de Fenix LD en PD modellen (en oudere modellen als de P3D en L2D). Met deze hoofdband heeft u een hoofdlamp en een zaklamp voor een prijs die stukken lager is dan die van gelijkwaardige hoofdlampen!
4028283714106 € 14,95 incl. 21% VAT
***Duiklamp Red Surge Princeton
Princeton Tec
VAN 59,95 VOOR 49,95

Red body designed with a flip switch that's easy to operate while wearing diving gloves. Floats head up when submerged in water. Operates on a Xenon bulb for a wide beam to give 705 watts or 115 lumens of power with a burn time of 3-5 hours. Takes 8-AA Alkaline batteries, but will also operate with just 4-AA Alkaline batteries with reduced burn time. Has a built in focusable reflector. Included are Alkaline batteries, Xenon bulb and lanyard. Weighs 10.8 ounces with batteries.
Waterproof to 500ft.!!! (=150meter)
0795626003183 € 49,95 incl. 21% VAT
T5 4W 100Lumen  black
kleur: zwart
- merk: Inova
- Handgreep: aluminium
- Handgreep: Type III Hard Coat An.Fin
- herkomst: Amerika
- lengte:23,00 cm
- gewicht: 282 gram
- toepassing:prof.politie, rescue etc.
- extra gegevens: 200lumen Strobe,dim & flitsLED,
- batterijsoort: lithium
- aantal batterijen: 3st.
- lampsoort: L.E.D.
- brandduur: 3 uur
0671192220158 € 129,95 incl. 21% VAT
Inova T4  227 lumen
Precision engineered to meet the serious technical and functional needs of security professionals everywhere, the INOVA T-Series flashlights offer powerful illumination, handling responsiveness, and tactical grade durability. The INOVA T4 is a best-in-class rechargeable LED flashlight. Its high powered, 227 lumen LED projects a powerful uniform focused spot and flood beam pattern up to 650 feet providing the high quality illumination needed for tactical use. Engineered with the professional in mind, the T4 has a mid body tactical switch that activates High Power, Medium Power, Low Power, Strobe, and Momentary High modes for the ultimate in versatility and performance. The T4 features a rechargeable lithium ion battery that can be recharged anytime without waiting for the battery to be fully discharged, and will recharge hundreds of times. Its aerospace grade aluminum body has been machined from solid bar stock with military-spec type III hard coat anodized black finish, and an aggressive knurling pattern for positive grip. Designed for mission-critical use, the T4 is engineered to withstand the rigors of tough duty and extreme conditions
DETAILS•LED Color: White •Lumens: High - 227 | Medium - 94 | Low - 16•Run Time: High 2 hours 15 minutes | Medium 6 hours | Low 48 hours 30 minutes•Effective Range: High - 650ft (200m) | Medium - 417ft (127m) | Low - 167ft (51m)•Battery Type: 1 Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery included – rechargeable hundreds of times•Recharging Time: 3 hours for full recharge•Tactical Mid-Body Switch activates High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and Momentary High Modes•T4 Kit Includes: • T4 LED Flashlight• Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery• Low-Profile Charger – Spring loaded rollers hold flashlight securely while offering ease of removal and insertion - with 2 mounting fasteners • Quality AC Power Supply – 100v – 240v / Interchangeable International Plug compatible (Contact us for more details)• DC / Vehicle Power Supply – ensures secure connection to DC vehicle receptacles. Built-in fuse provides electronic protection. •Individually laser engraved with a serial number for identification•Impact-Resistant Head protects optical system•Mineral Glass optical window has double-sided AR-coating and Teflon® seal to withstand environmental pressures•High-powered energy efficient 35,000 hour LED•Electronically controlled for uniform light output•Patented optical system machined aluminum reflector for optimal thermal management and beam projection.•Uniform focused spot with flood beam pattern•Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Body from solid bar stock with military-spec, Type III hard coat anodized finish•Aggressive knurling for positive grip•Color Available: Black – Type III hard coat anodized finish•Shockproof, crushproof and water-resistant construction•O-Ring ensures seal integrity and threads are anodized for reliability•Dimensions (Length x Diameter):
8" (20.32 cm) x 1.1" (2.79 cm)
1.4" (3.56 cm) head diameter•Weight: 9.07 oz. (256 g)•Limited Lifetime Warranty USA
0094664017580 € 139,95 incl. 21% VAT
KeyLit NiteIze
Nite Ize
The Nite Ize KeyLit is functional, compact, useful, and (for lack of a better word) cool-looking. Its high quality stainless steel carabiner clip has a secure gate closure on one end, allowing you to clip your keys to an existing key ring, belt loop, purse strap, zipper pull—anything with a loop or D-ring. The other end holds six different-colored plastic S-Biners, perfectly sized to hold 6 separate keys. And between the two, we’ve added a bright L.E.D. that provides instant flood illumination with a press of a button.

The 6 removable S-Biners make it easy for you to identify your keys by color, attach and release them individually with ease. No more fiddling with split rings or fumbling to find the key you need—the KeyLit is perfect for quick and easy sharing of keys with family members, leaving a key for a valet or babysitter, and taking a single key when you’re out on a run or ride. The L.E.D. has two modes-- steady glow (to find a key, key hole, or navigate your path to and from the car), and continuous flash (to alert others to your presence or whereabouts in the dark.) Powered by two easily replaceable batteries (included), the L.E.D can be seen for up to a mile’s distance, and provides years of dependable illumination. All in all, our KeyLit is truly the ultimate key ring.

PRODUCT DETAILS•Packaged with 6 Plastic Size #0 S-Biners – combining the innovation and versatility of the S-Biner to provide unique functionality and access to your keys.•6 different color S-Biners allow for easy identification of similar style keys – no more guessing!•Features a durable stainless steel carabiner clip which allows you to clip the Key Rack to an existing key chain, purse, jacket, strap or other convenient location.•Bright Glow & Flash White LED provides flood illumination in two modes: Glow & Flash
Run Time Glow Mode: 20 hours
Run Time Flash Mode: 25 hours•Features two easily replaceable batteries (2 – 3v 2016 lithium batteries)•Weather resistant
0094664015265 € 13,95 incl. 21% VAT
Nite Ize Domelit White
Nite Ize
Our DomeLit is a multi-functional L.E.D. area light that’s as transportable as you need it to be. Attached to a loop of adjustable elastic, the DomeLit can be hung wherever there’s a hook, bar, pole, or tree branch that it can be looped around. Once there, with a simple press of a button, it creates instant flood illumination. Perfect for tents, garages, sheds, and workrooms, the DomeLit can also be worn around your wrist or strapped to your ankle to increase personal visibility when you’re working or playing outdoors at night. For semi-permanent placement, we’ve included an adhesive strip of hook-and-loop, which you can affix to the surface of your choice. Attach one side to the DomeLit, the other to the inside of a dark cupboard or closet, press them together, and voila! Instant overhead lighting. Powered by two fully replaceable, long-lasting Lithium batteries (included, along with a full extra set of replacement batteries), the DomeLit has two modes to choose from: steady glow (for reading, working, and navigating), and continuous flash (for safety and signaling).

PRODUCT DETAILS•Portable LED Area Light – package includes DomeLit LED Light and
1) adhesive hook & loop for attachment.
2) adjustable, removable strap with quick release buckle for hanging or wearing.•Parabolic lens creates a flood beam that illuminates a 4 foot area•Bright Glow & Flash White LED provides flood illumination in two modes: Glow & Flash
Run Time Glow Mode: 20 hours
Run Time Flash Mode: 25 hours•Features two easily replaceable batteries (2 – 3v 2016 lithium batteries) – an extra set of batteries is also included!•Weather resistant•Simple push-button on/off operation
0094664015234 € 13,95 incl. 21% VAT
1W Led upgrade AA NI Maglite
Nite Ize
The New Nite Ize 1 Watt LED Upgrade Kit turns your AA Mini Maglite® into a high-powered LED flashlight with super bright flood and focused spot capability. Just replace your AA Mini Maglite®'s existing bulb with this ultra bright, focusable, 55 Lumen LED module (simple instructions on the package) and you're done. You'll instantly enjoy superior illumination—the LED bulb emits a high-quality, bright light, as opposed to the dimmer yellow glow of the incandescent bulb. With its long life, you'll never have to replace it again, and because LED bulbs use less power, your AA batteries will last longer. It's an easy, ecologically responsible way to equip yourself with a more useful, versatile and dependable flashlight, in…well…a flash.

PRODUCT DETAILS•Features focusable 55 lumen LED Bulb•15 hour run-time•Beam projects 50 meters•Save money on replacement bulbs & batteries for your AA Mini Maglite®•Simple installation – It's as easy as replacing the incandescent bulb in your flashlight! •Note: Replacing the original incandescent bulb with any Nite Ize LED Upgrade Kit or Tail Cap Switch will void the MAG Instrument® LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY covering the AA MINI MAGLITE® flashlight.•LEGAL DISCLAIMER: MAG-LITE® and MINI MAGLITE® are trademarks of Mag Instrument, Inc., as are the distinctive shape, style and overall appearance of the Mini-Maglite® flashlight and the circumferential inscription around the face caps of all of Mag Instrument flashlights.
0094664014961 € 23,95 incl. 21% VAT
Nite Ize Tasklit Red
Nite Ize
The Nite Ize TaskLit is the perfect hands-free nighttime lighting device. Its parabolic L.E.D. lens illuminates a four-foot area with a full flood beam that’s gentle on night vision—yours and everyone else’s. Made with a high-quality elastic headband that adjusts easily to fit any head size, it weighs only .8 ounce, so it’s easy to carry and comfortable to wear. Push the water-resistant lamp once for steady glow mode (for reading, working, and navigating in the dark), twice for continuous flash (for running, cycling, or any time you want to alert others of your presence). Our TaskLit comes with two sets of long-life replaceable batteries, and is available in either white or red.

PRODUCT DETAILS•Parabolic LED Lens creates a flood beam that illuminates a 4 foot area, creating the perfect hands- free task light•Glow Mode - L.E.D. area light / battery life: 20 hours•Flash Mode - for safety & signaling / battery life: 25 hours•Weight: .8 ounce / 23 grams•Long life, replaceable batteries included - extra set of replacement batteries included in packaging•Water resistant•High quality woven elastic headband adjusts from 14” - 27” to comfortably fit any head size.•Tasklit LED Colors Available: White and Red
0094664014923 € 12,95 incl. 21% VAT
Led upgrade Red
Nite Ize
0094664006720 € 14,95 incl. 21% VAT
Nitrolon Commander
Nitrolon Commander
0084871135153 € 99,95 incl. 21% VAT
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