Messenset 3-dlg Zwilling Pro
The kitchen knives of the Pro series by Zwilling have a blade that is forged from 1 piece of steel. The blade runs entirely in the plastic handle: a ' full tang ' construction. The handle is attached to the steel with 3 rivets. The transition between handle and metal is seamless. This means no crack which collects dirt. These knives have a classic design and are particularly attractive to those who love a heavier type of knife.

The blade is made of ice-hardened Friodur steel. During the manufacturing process, this type of steel is heated up to 1000 ° C in 4 stages, and then cooled to -70 ° C. This technology, which was perfected by Zwilling, ensures that sharpness, durability, elasticity and corrosion resistance are at the absolutely highest standard possible. The sharpening of the knife goes in 5 steps. The result is a flawless edge on the knife. The bolster does not run into the edge of the blade, which means the knife is relatively easy to sharpen on a water stone.

Thanks to the seamless construction and the materials which were used, the knives of the Zwilling Pro series may be cleaned in the dishwasher. We still advise not to do this, because the dish soap and the inevitable ' clashing ' inside a dishwasher, will quicken corrosion and can cause damage to the knife.

This knife set consists of:
-Chef's knife 38401-200, blade length: 20 cm
-Carving knife 38400-200, blade length: 20 cm
-Peeling knife 38400-100, blade length: 10 cm
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