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0013658149236 € 35,95 incl. 21% VAT
Kukri Machete Gerber Gator
Gerber machete of kapes met typisch khukuri lemmet voor trekkende hakbewegingen.
1050 koolstofstaal (niet rvs!) dus taai genoeg voor kapwerk.
Inclusief cordura schede. Meer gegevens: zie beneden.

Gator Kukri MacheteNot everyone needs a machete, but if you do, you need it for a reason. Designed for utility, the Gerber Gator Kukri is based on a traditional tool of Central Asia, with subtle updates for modern use, including an ergonomic handle shape, slip-proof grip, and hefty full tang construction to stand up to repeated heavy use. Its distinctive shape—pointed tip, wide midsection, narrow neck near the handle—comes from centuries of use as a multi-purpose tool that could double as protection.

3-Way Tool
Heavy duty enough to withstand serious cutting and make short work of everything from tall grass to small tree limbs, the hefty 12-inch blade’s unique curved shape offers three specific sections. Its pointed tip pokes and pierces with accurate ease. The wide midsection chops wood or vegetables powerfully and cleanly. The narrow area above the handle allows for wood carving or whittling of kindling. Made of corrosion resistant 1050 Steel, with full tang construction for durability, the Gator Kukri’s balance of weight and shape create a powerful combo.

Slip-Free Grip
The ergonomic Gator Grip handle sits comfortably in your hand, offering a secure, tactile grip for confident cutting, whether conditions are wet or dry. A wrist lanyard offers an extra measure of insurance when you’re hard at work swinging.

Rugged Carrying Sheath
The rugged nylon sheath keeps the blade from getting banged up when not in use, and features belt loop and D-ring attachments for carrying on your hip or lashing to a pack.

em # 31-002074

Overall Length: 19“ (48.3cm)
Blade Length: 12“ (30.5cm)
Weight: 14.4 oz. (408.2g) without Sheath 17.6 oz. (499g) with Sheath
Steel Type: 1050 Steel
Handle Material: Gator® grip
0013658133648 € 61,95 incl. 21% VAT
***Tang voor Gerber MP650
kleur: grijs/titanium - merk: Gerber - staalsoort: roestvrij - herkomst: Amerika- lengte: 8,30 cm- gewicht:75 gram - ontwerper: Gerber- toepassing:wisselbare bek voor MP650 - extra gegevens: combinatietang stomp
0013658482746 € 49,95 incl. 21% VAT
Gerber cooltool headset 32mm
kleur: zwart- merk: Gerber - staalsoort: niet roestvrij/carbon staal - herkomst: Amerika- lengte: 6,50 cm- gewicht:61 gram- toepassing:balhoofdsleutel - extra gegevens: te gebruiken met G 41945
0013658019485 € 7,94 incl. 21% VAT
Paracord PE BearGrylls
Bear Grylls mes voor wie wél een vaststaand survivalmes wil dragen, maar geen groot lemmet nodig heeft. De skeletgreep bespaart gewicht én biedt ruimte aan ongeveer 115cm parakoord, voor het geval dat.
Inclusief schede. Meer details; zie onderstaand.

If you’re going to pack an item into the backcountry, it becomes even more valuable when it serves multiple purposes. By combining Gerber’s decades of experience crafting tools and Bear Grylls’s survival knowledge, the Bear Grylls Paracord Fixed Blade is that item. You get the functionality of a field-proven, full tang fixed blade knife plus the added versatility of nearly 4 feet of paracord. And it weighs in under 6 ounces, that’s less than most smartphones—not bad for a 7.75-inch long knife.

Balanced Minimalism
The minimalist, balanced feel of the Paracord Fixed Blade is well-suited to extended backcountry travel where every ounce counts. The 4-inch handle performs equally well with or without the paracord, and it offers a full grip for all hand sizes and plenty of power for driving the blade to shape wood or work on small game. A deep choil that sits between your hand and the blade allows you to safely apply added pressure when driving the blade, and a textured thumb rest on the spine adds control. The 45 inches of paracord on the handle could fashion an emergency splint or repair a blown snowshoe binding. Until then, the cord serves as a lightweight grip on an incredibly capable knife. You can even customize the wrap to suit your grip preference.

Multitasking Sheath
The lightweight, slim design of the sheath is in keeping with the thin profile and minimalist style of the knife, a real plus when you’re traveling light and don’t want bulky items hanging from your belt or pack. You can customize the sheath to meet your access preference, too: tip up, tip down or to the side. It attaches easily to a pack, or remove the belt clip for the ultimate in minimalist packing.
Item # 31-001683
Overall Length: 7.75”, 19.7cm
Blade Length: 3.25”, 8.3cm
Weight: 5.75 oz, 163g
Steel Type: 5Cr15MoV
Handle Material: Paracord

FeaturesFull tang construction ensures durability
Fine edge blade is easy to sharpen and does it all
45 inches (114.3 cm) of paracord make up the handle padding and can be removed to tackle other needs
Lightweight sheath is reversible and the belt loop can be removed or used to strap it to your pack
Slim profile extends from tip to butt
Lightweight design for minimalist travel
Comes with a copy of Bear Grylls “Priorities of Survival” Pocket Guide for easy reference
Backed by Gerber’s Lifetime Warranty

Overall Length: 7.75”, 19.7cm
Blade Length: 3.25”, 8.3cm
Weight: 5.75 oz, 163g
Steel Type: 5Cr15MoV
Handle Material: Paracord
0013658132351 € 49,95 incl. 21% VAT
#Strongarm FXD blk SERR Gerber
The Gerber StrongArm is a tough fixed blade full tang knife that is designed around the fundamentals of military survival training and is MIRS compliant that is approved for use by Military Personnel. It comes with a great modular sheath system. Quality made in the USA the StrongArm blade is 12.2 cm (4.8 inches) and overall length is 24.8cm (9.8 inches) The Blade is made from 420HC Steel and is razor sharp out of the box. It is also easy to sharpen and is approximately 58 on the Rockwell Scale. The blade also has a black ceramic coating for corrosion resistance and has a low visual profile. The blade is also a drop point style and has a convex curve from the blade spine to the blade point. The handle is made of glass-filled nylon with a rubber overmold. Colour Coyote Brown. It grips well even when wet and has a diamond texture to help with getting a good grip. The back of the knife has a striking Pommel which is a handy feature to have.
The sheath is modular, low profile that comes with two snap-together components. Firstly, a hardened, injection moulded plastic and secondly, a military grade, mildew resistant, ballistic nylon. The sheath is MOLLE compatible so it can be carried on a vest or backpack. The sheath is also multi-directional and well designed. Overall, it is great value for the money and a really good all round survival knife
0013658145290 € 112,95 incl. 21% VAT
Prodigy FXD GRE Serr Tanto Gerber
USA made model gebaseerd op de extreem succesvolle LMF!
Ditmaal in tanto uitvoering.

420HC stainless steel blade with black oxide finish
• Includes leg strap and two additional attachment straps for added security • Textured over-molded soft-grip ensures a secure grip • Sheath features friction-release thumb lock for security • Molle compatible hard sheath with ballistic nylon belt loop and straps
0013658117938 € 84,95 incl. 21% VAT
Gerber coarse tooth sawblade
G-70151 Coarse Tooth Saw Replacement Blade.Double cut saw tooth design. Stainless construction. For usewith the Exchange-A-Blade Sport Saw
0013658701519 € 9,05 incl. 21% VAT
Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Parang
Compacte versie van de succesvolle Bear Grylls Parang machete. Geschikt voor licht hakwerk en bivak maken.
Met cordura schede. Lemmet van 1055 koolstofstaal met beschermende coating. Extra gegevens: zie onderstaand.

Bear Grylls Compact ParangA veteran adventurer like Bear Grylls might be able to clear trail with a full-size machete as easily as most people trim their fingernails. For the rest of us, a weekend spent swinging a big blade like that is a quick way to make enemies with whole set of shoulder muscles you never knew you had. Which is why Gerber paired down the Bear Grylls Compact Parang to more packable, convenient size.

Modeled after the tool Indonesian tribesman have carried into the jungles for generations, the Compact Parang is Gerber’s shoulder-friendly answer to the standard, full-size machete. By combining Gerber’s decades of experience crafting tools and Bear Grylls’ adventure knowledge, this stout, sturdy blade acts as a lumberjack on the trail and a surgeon around camp. It can whack through thick grass and woody brush all day, then chop vegetables and whittle fire starter by night.

The Blade: Small and Sturdy
The size and shape of its 1-pound blade focuses weight toward the tip for more power behind every swing. And with a high carbon steel, full tang construction, it’s not going to bend, bow or wobble when it strikes hardwood. Its compact 9.3-inch blade makes it easier to handle in dense underbrush.

Zero-Slip Grip
The grippy, rubberized handle fills your hand, and the oversized bolster and butt on either end of the handle keeps the tool snug in your palm, swing after sweaty swing. Finally, just to be on the safe side, a lanyard cord slips around your wrist for that last measure of no-slip insurance.

When you’re not using the Parang to break trail or open a coconut, slide it into its military-grade, mildew-resistant sheath and strap it to your belt or the outside of your pack.

On the back of the sheath you’ll find land-to-air rescue signals. It also comes with a copy of Bear’s “Priorities of Survival” Pocket Guide to help you focus your attention on the details that matter most when you are in a jam.

Overall Length: 15.08“ (38.3cm)
Blade Length: 9.34“ (23.7cm)
Weight: 13.6 oz. (385.6g) with sheath
Steel Type: 1055
Handle Material: Polypropylene
Mildew-Resistant Nylon Sheath
0013658133617 € 51,95 incl. 21% VAT
Gerber LMF II Infantry Black
Gerber LMF II Infantry - BlackCaught alone in the land of the undead? Let’s hope you’ve got your LMF II. This walker-tested 10" survival knife is an absolute beast. It boasts a durable, partially serrated blade and, if needed, a blunt pommel for crushing the heads and spines of oncoming walkers. For a longer reach the LMF II has two holes where the handle meets the blade for lashing to a pole to create a spear. Ideal for attacking walkers from higher ground.

*This is also a high quality, military grade fixed blade sheath knife.
Item # 22-01629

Overall Length: 26.9 cm
Blade Length: 12.3 cm
Weight: 688 g (w/ Sheath)
Weight: 331 g (w/o Sheath)
Blade Material: 420HC Stainless
0013658016293 € 143,95 incl. 21% VAT
06 FAST, Tanto Gerber
Tactisch en sterk. Dit mes heeft een razendsnel openingsysteem en G-10 handgrepen voor extra grip. Daarbij heeft dit mes ook een tanto punt om het plaatje compleet te maken.

Tactical and tough. That's what you get with the 06 FAST, a quick opening knife with G-10 handles for extra grip when wet. The Tanto shaped blade is designed for thrusting.
0013658113749 € 110,95 incl. 21% VAT
Mini Applegate Covert FAST
De Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn Mini Covert FAST is een lekker compact mes met assisted opening. Hierdoor kun je het blad razendsnel openen. Het mes is speciaal ontwikkeld voor militairen en wetshandhavers. Dankzij het compacte formaat draag je hem makkelijk en onopvallend bij je. Hier komt ook de naam Covert vandaan!

The Gerber Applegate-Fairbairn series was designed by the late Colonel Rex Applegate, the authority in close quarter combat and fighting knife design. The Applegate F.A.S.T. series combines the ease of the spring assisted opening with uncommon durability and balance. Strength comes from high carbon surgical stainless steel blades and textured glass-filled nylon handles, which are reinforced with a stainless steel inner frame. Recognized by military, police and tactical units around the world as simply the best of the best tactical folding knives.
0013658019678 € 77,95 incl. 21% VAT
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