Nextorch Smart Torch 18650 Rechar.
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Nextorch surprised to be relatively young lamp manufacturers exceptional solutions for the demanding user lamp. Modern LED technology, coupled with smart programming options which allow the user to easily and quickly, adapt the lamp and its operating modes fully to their own needs. The myTorch series offers a unique concept that allows the user to program the lamp entirely according to your needs. All lamps are equipped with a water-protected USB port to which the myTorch can be connected to a PC or laptop. An extremely easy to use software now allows the programming of any number of freely configurable operating modes. Specifically, the following modes can be programmed and configured: Constant light, continuously variable from 5% to 100% light output, Blink-/Strobe mode, continuously variable frequency from 0.5 Hz to 20 Hz programmable sequence of 0.5 sec 10 sec in length 20 steps, suitable for light signals or dark phases of 5 milliseconds to 3 seconds. These three modes can be programmed in any order and number. As is known by many other lamps, the modes are then switched on the lamp by tapping on the end cap. The software also offers the opportunity to test the programmed modes for each directly connected to the lamp with a single click, without the same set of programming. In addition, you can save a complete programming as an individual profile and upload them again as needed to the lamp without having to compile the program again from scratch. This allows different profiles for the same lamp store and move easily in seconds, eg for hunting, camping, self-protection, etc. Solid aluminum housing (6061-T6), waterproof (1m) and hard-anodized. Luminescent switch cap. Supply pre-programmed with high-low and strobe with a USB cable (standard mini-USB). Type 18650 with integrated battery (Li-Ion). The cable also acts as a charging cable, allowing, for the lamp load on each USB port. Up to 200 lumens (ANSI).
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