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Tenkei Wakizashi JohnLee
John Lee
John Lee Ten Kei Wakizashi

Hand-forged wrought masterpieces of Asian art

John Lee Ten Kei Katana
Forging perfection in one of their best!

"Ten Kei", translated means something like "gift from heaven" and refers to the beauty of nature.
This sword is a true work of art, both in terms of the mount, and in relation to the blade.

- In the ground out sharp blade of the sword is hand forged from 1095 carbon steel (not stainless) and was provided for weight reduction with a chamfer (Bo-Hi)

- Traditional hardening of the blade with differentiated Lehmbestrich, creating a real, beautiful Hamon-line was

- Suitable for cutting tests, 60 ° Rockwell on the boundary, 40 ° at the back of the blade

- blade in Kobuse-size * up

- Fine, hand-crafted fittings (Tsuba, Fuchi, Kashira, Menuki) which were embellished with gold and silver

- Handle (Tsuka) of wood, with real fish skin (Same) demonstrated

- Tight control winding made ??of green silk, traditional in Maki Katate? Style (war winding) attached

- Blade clamp (Habaki) made of brass

- Sword Angel particularly long-held and with 2 bamboo sticks (Mekugi) in the handle fixed - sheath made ??of wood, decorated with high quality Sageo (winding)
- With certification, which guarantees the authenticity
- Produced by Museum Designs
- Comes in wooden collectors box with stand-

Blade length up Tsuba: 71 cm
Overall length: 100 cm
Overall length with scabbard: 104 cm
Handle Length: 29 cm
Curvature (sori): 2 cm
Focus: approximately 11 cm above tsuba
Blade width Habaki: 3.5 cm
Blade width of the transition to the point (Kisaki): 2.5 cm
Blade thickness: 0.75 cm
Weight with scabbard: 1310 g
Weight without scabbard: 1045 g
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