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Imori katana John Lee
John Lee
Even today the dragon is playing in Japan, especially at the New Year festival, a major role. In contrast to Western mysticism, the dragon is in Japan a lucky animal fable. The tsuba of this remarkable sword forms a dragon that surrounded the sword.

Hand Forged Samurai Sword Series John Lee

- The hand-forged and tempered blade of the sword is made ??of carbon steel
- The blade has a groove (Bo-Hi) and carried out ground sharply
- The handle (Tsuka) is made of wood, with authentic ray skin (Same) demonstrated
- The handle wrap (Tsuka-Ito) is mounted in black cotton and the traditional way
- In the grip are two menukis inserted
- The Tsuba is made of brass and shows a Japanese dragon
- The scabbard (Saya) is out and black lacquered Glossy
- The Habaki is made of brass
- Produced by Museum Designs


- Blade length 72 cm to Tsuba
- Total length without sheath 103 cm
- Handle length 31 cm
- Weight without sheath 1000 grams
- Weight with sheath 1250 grams

The sword comes with a certificate and a seal, which vouch for the authenticity.
A printed cloth bag, and a high quality collector's are also part of the sword.
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