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Musashi Wakazashi JohnLee
John Lee
John Lee Ichi Musashi Wakizashi
Miamoto Musashi is considered one of the most impressive in the Japanese samurai
History received and lived from 1584 to 1645. He is the best
Swordsman of Japan called. He was an artist and craftsman at the same time.
Unforgettable is his founding of a school for the random leaf production
(Tsuba). His best-known, very simple Tsuba is made ??of two oval
Hand Forged Samurai Sword Series John Lee

- In the hand-forged undgehärtete blade of the sword is made ??of carbon steel
- In the blade has a groove (Bo-Hi) and carried out ground sharply
- The handle (Tsuka) is made of wood, with authentic ray skin (Same) occupied.
- In the handle wrap (Tsuka-Ito) is mounted in black cotton and the traditional way
- In the grip are two menukis inserted
- In the Tsuba is made ??of cast iron in traditional double-ring shape
- In the scabbard (Saya) is made of wood
- The Habaki is made of brass
- Produced by Museum Designs

- Blade length 54 cm to Tsuba
- Total length without scabbard 76 cm
- Handle length 22 cm
- Weight without sheath 800 grams
- Weight with sheath 1050 grams

The sword comes with a certificate and a seal, which vouch for the authenticity.
A printed cloth bag, and a high quality collector's are also part of the sword.
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