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JohnLee Kill Bill katana
John Lee
The blade of the sword is hand forged from carbon steel and hardened in the traditional way.
The handle (Tsuka) is made of wood, with real fish skin (Same) occupied.
The handle wrap (Tsuka-Ito) is made of black leather fitted traditional.
The handle two menukis are inserted.
The Tsuba is made ??of zinc-aluminum casting.
The Angel Sword is kept particularly long and fastened with 2 bamboo sticks (Mekugi) on the handle.
The scabbard (Saya) is made of wood (wood lacquer sheath).
The blade clamp (Habaki) is made of brass.

Each sword comes with a certificate that guarantees authenticity.

Each sword comes in a high-quality fabric cover and a high-quality collector's wooden box set and a care kit and a table stand.

The sword is sharpened!

Supplied with:
High gloss lacquer scabbard
Sword Case
Collectors wooden box
Table stand made ??of high gloss lacquer
Certificate of Authenticity.

Overall length with scabbard 103.5 cm
Overall length without scabbard 101 cm
Blade length 72 cm to Tsuba
Handle length 28 cm
Blade curvature (sori) ca.18-20 mm
Back of the blade thickness about 5-6 mm
Max blade width 30 mm
Weight without scabbard 1100 grams
Weight with sheath 1350 grams
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