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Fairbairn Sykes FS2000 Eickhorn
Limited Edition Fairbairn Sykes Dagger FS2000 of only 999 pieces. Each knife is serial numbered. Kalgard coated 55Si7 spring steel blade is double edged. Same classic handle design (hard-anodised aluminum) as was on the original 1941 British Special Forces knife. Black leather belt sheath with snap retainer, paracord retainer, and paracord leg ties. Overall length 29,4 cm, blade length 17 cm, blade thickness 5 mm. Weight 180 g.
4045333023858 € 299,95 incl. 21% VAT
Balbach-Damascus Linder
Exclusive hunting knife with handforged traditional damascus blade - made by Markus Balbach, a renowned German blade smith. Beautiful amboina wood handle. Stainless guard and pommel. In leather sheath. 3 1/2” blade. Special gift box.
4045333015396 € 489,95 incl. 21% VAT
MK-250A1W 150lbs Wood Kruisboog
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-Draw weight: 150 LBS
-Firing speed: 248 FPS - 76 m/s
-Accurate up to 55 meters
-Weight: 3343 gram
-Length: 91,4 cm
-Width: 71,1 cm
-Railtype: 20 mm Weaver
-Fibreglass bow
-Aluminium barrel
-2 jaar factory warranty
-Legal from an age of 18, no permit required
-Including 2 Man Kung 20 inch aluminium crossbow bolts
0000000321312 € 299,95 incl. 21% VAT
Set 6 table forks Black horn
Forge de Laguiole
0000000265553 € 389,95 incl. 21% VAT
MK-400 175lbs Compound Kruisboog
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175lbs compound crossbow met Barrett .50 cal lookalike frame

-Draw weight: 175 LBS
-Firing Speed: 360 FPS - 110 m/s
-Accurate up to 85 meters
-Weight: 3980 gram
-Length: 88,9 cm
-Width: 58,4 cm
-Upper railtype: 20 mm picatinny
-Lower railtype: 20 mm picatinny
-Fibreglass bow
-Aluminium barrel
-2 jaar factory warranty
-Legal from an age of 18, no permit required
-Including sight
-Including quiver
-Including 4 Man Kung 20 inch aluminium crossbow bolts
0000000030099 € 459,95 incl. 21% VAT
MK-380 175lbs Compound Kruisboog
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-Draw weight: 175 LBS
-Firing Speed: 360 FPS - 110 m/s
-Accurate up to 85 meters
-Weight: 3870 gram
-Length: 88,9 cm
-Width: 58,4 cm
-Lower railtype: 20 mm picatinny
-Fibreglass bow
-Aluminium barrel
-2 jaar factory warranty
-Legal from an age of 18, no permit required
-Including sight
-Including quiver
-Including 4 Man Kung 20 inch aluminium crossbow bolts
0000000030098 € 429,95 incl. 21% VAT
***Starck Laguiole knives set 6 pcs
Forge de Laguiole
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Forge de Laguiole, Philippe Starck presents the first of the four anniversary knives.
Cold stamped, this knife looks like a piece of wood extended by a blade.
This model express simplicity, a crucial value for the designer whose leitmotiv is "tomorrow will be less".
This knife is a reinterpretation of the traditional Laguiole codes (blade and handle). This new all in one piece steak knife will leave its marks.

knife length 23cm set of 6
0000000265537 € 329,95 incl. 21% VAT
John Lee Wakizashi 12 X folded
John Lee
John Lee Golden Flower Wakizashi with folded blade
The prototype of this exceptionally beautiful tsuba was certainly a great master of the 18th Century produced. Since their work in forging the blade to Gegsensatz have not signed, the creators are unfortunately not known by name. The tsuba is decorated elaborately with golden cherry blossom (Sakura), one of the most important symbols of the Japanese Klutur. They stand for beauty, using up and transience.

Hand Forged Samurai Sword Series John Lee

- The hand-forged and tempered blade of the sword is made of carbon steel
- The blade is folded 12 times (about 8000 layers) and has a beautiful Damaststruktur
- The blade has a groove (Bo-Hi) and carried out ground sharply
- The handle (Tsuka) is made of wood, with authentic ray skin (Same) demonstrated
- The handle wrap (Tsuka-Ito) is mounted in black cotton and the traditional way
- In the grip are two menukis inserted
- The Tsuba is pierced and decorated with gold flowers
- The Angel Sword is kept particularly long and attached with 2 bamboo sticks (Mekugi) Handle
- The scabbard (Saya) is made of wood
- The Habaki is made of brass
- Produced by Museum Designs


- Blade length up to 54.5 cm Tsuba
- Total length without scabbard 77 cm
- Handle length 22 cm
- Weight without sheath 800 grams
- Weight with sheath 1000 grams

The sword comes with a certificate and a seal, which vouch for the authenticity.
A printed cloth bag, and a high quality collector's are also part of the sword.
4050346857123 € 280,00 incl. 21% VAT
Jaguar II kruisboog
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-Draw Weight : 175lb
-Weight - 2,23kg
-Length: 89.9-95cm (adjustable)
-Width: 71cm
-Limb : Durable Compression Moulded Fibreglass
-Barrel : Aluminium
-Stock : Reinforced Composite
-Velocity : 260ft/sec
-Trigger: Extended Bullpup
-Railtype: 22mm Weaver rail
Package Includes:
-Jaguar II Crossbow
-High Quality Red Dot Sight
-Quiver & 3 Bolts
4710933461118 € 289,95 incl. 21% VAT
Coldsteel Black Bear Classic San mai
Cold Steel
Uit oude collectie: een in prachtige staat verkerende Coldsteel Black Bear Classic, Japanse makelij. Nooit mee gesneden, nooit geslepen maar twee kleine deukjes in voorste 'guard' en wrijfkringetjes in de tweede 'guard', kortom: een unieke kans om dit bijzondere exemplaar te bezitten tegen een wel heel lage prijs! Compleet met schede en doos.
0705442001614 € 320,00 incl. 21% VAT
DeluxeTinker Damast Ltd Edition Vict
This is one for the blade aficionados; meet the Deluxe Tinker Damast Limited Edition 2018. The pocket knife with a unique twist. Alluring in its aesthetic, its plum wood scales give it maximum standout. But its form and engineering are where it really comes into its own. The blade is crafted in super durable Damast steel "Ladder" (DS93X™) – comprised of a ground-breaking 333 forged layers. Impressive!
7611160060747 € 279,95 incl. 21% VAT
A.3001 Navy Seal Luminox
The Original Luminox Navy SEAL watch, first introduced in 1994, is the timepiece that put Luminox on the map. The officer in charge of procurement for the Navy SEALs, Chief Nick North and Luminox worked together to develop a watch specifically for the SEALs. Since then, Luminox has never strayed from its mission and this has been confirmed and validated by the many elite military and law enforcement units that have requested Luminox for their use around the world. The man on the street has also shown particular interest in Luminox, figuring rightly that if the watches are designed for and used by elite troops, they have to be able to stand up to every day use. 16 years later, this series is still one of Luminox' best sellers.
Model: A.3001•Article number: A.3001 •Series: ORIGINAL Navy SEAL 3000 SERIES •Family: Sea •Function: TimeDate •Movement (technology): Quartz •Size of case diameter (mm): 43.00 •Case material: PC carbon reinforced case •Case back: Caseback with Screws •Crown: Double-Security Gasket •Crystal/Glass material: Hardened Mineral •Water resistance (m/ft/atm): 200 / 600 / 20 •Strap/Bracelet material: Rubber / Silicone / PU •Illumination: Night Vision Tubes (25 years)
7611382546289 € 299,95 incl. 21% VAT
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