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Ellipse Magnum
The strong points of the Ellipse are its elegant, simple lines and excellent craftsmanship. The 440A blade and precision-milled G10 scale are combined with a stainless steel framelock in a well-engineered design. The clip with four open-work elements adds another design accent.
4045011162268 € 27,95 incl. 21% VAT
Alligator Toast Magnum
The Magnum Alligator Toast is a modern and not too small but still flat gentleman's folder. The stonewash finish of the 440A blade and the back framelock harmonize perfectly with the alligator texture of the front handle scale. The knife is opened with a convenient flipper and can be carried on the screwed-on clip.
4045011162251 € 25,95 incl. 21% VAT
Eye of the Ninja Magnum
The Magnum Eye of the Ninja has a metal handle with strongly contoured relief embossments on both sides, which pays homage to the era and artistic pursuits of Japanese ninjas. The finger hole of the spring-opened 440A blade offers more grip options. The added glass breaker adds to the solid knife's application range. With the strong skeleton clip, the Eye of the Ninja can be carried tip-down.
4045011161957 € 22,50 incl. 21% VAT
Trapper Classic Gold Boker
Even in the world of high-tech materials like powder metallurgical steel, composites like carbon or G10 and technical materials such as titanium or zirconium, classic pocketknives are still enjoying unabated popularity. Traditional designs like the Trapper, Scout, Barlow or our sporting knives have always been valued tools for everyday use and garner fans of all ages. With our Classic Gold series, we are offering a deliberate counterpoint to blades of a more modern make; with their laser engraved logo, these blades are certainly state-of-the-art but don't necessarily exude vintage charm. For the Classic Gold series, we came back to classic craftsmanship, finishing the blades with genuine classic gold etching that used to be common for high-quality knives. Highlighting their sophisticated appearance, the knives in this series have scales made from select pieces of desert ironwood, which is not just very sturdy but also offers a rather elegant look. The design is finished with a classic Boker logo in the handle scale. All in all, the Classic Gold series reaches into the past, bringing it back to life in a tangible way.

Fine-ground 440C blade with gold etching. With Boker logo in a handle scale of desert ironwood. Nickel silver bolsters. Slipjoint.
4045011159107 € 139,95 incl. 21% VAT
E771 Sea Eagle Real Steel
The largest model of the E-series is equipped with a flat-ground blade made of 14C28N which is mounted on ball-bearings and opened per flipper. Skeletonized steel liners give the E771 sturdiness and at the same time reduce weight. Handle scales in carbon. Blade with stone-wash finish.
4045011130298 € 59,95 incl. 21% VAT
T101 Thor Real Steel
Real Steel touts the T101 as the most substantial fullsize folder ever made. The flat ground drop-point blade with stonewash finish is fabricated from Sandvik 14C28N and is hinged on a ball bearing, making opening with the thumb stud or flipper extremely smooth and friction-free. A special focus was placed on the sophisticated ergonomics. Liner lock mechanism. G10 scales. Reversible clip (l/r).
4045011127915 € 53,95 incl. 21% VAT
Mini Crooked River Benchmade
De Mini Crooked River is de kleinere versie van de Crooked River, welke omschreven wordt door Benchmade als een mes met traditionele vormgeving en moderne technologie.
Met zijn CPM-S30V Clip point lemmet en een Axis lock systeem opent het mes zeer soepel! Het heft is gemaakt van gestabiliseerd hout en heeft een prachtige uitstraling.
610953150396 € 259,95 incl. 21% VAT
940 Osborne Axis
kleur: groen- merk: Benchmade- staalsoort: roestvrij - Staalsoort:/S30V- lemmet: glad/plain - Handgreep: - Handgreep: Gematteerd - Hardheid (RC) 58-60- herkomst: Amerika- lengte:20,00 cm- gewicht:81 gram - clip: J - ontwerper: Warren Osborne- toepassing:Dagelijks gebruik - extra gegevens: Axis Lock
0610953114183 € 271,95 incl. 21% VAT
Infidel Bootknife Benchmade
De Benchmade Infidel Bootknife is een vaststaand dubbelgeslepen mes met een D2 Spear-point lemmet. Handgreep is van zwart geanodiseerd 6061-T6 aluminuim. Het mes wordt geleverd in een Boltaron sheath.
0610953149741 € 277,00 incl. 21% VAT
Proper Sheepfoot Benchmade
A simple yet modern take on a classic gentleman's knife with sheepfoot blade.
0610953148799 € 159,95 incl. 21% VAT
Damast Stockman Classic Boker
Pocket knives not only transform with the passage of time and due to the associated changing tastes. Technical advancements have had an equally profound effect on pocket knives. Premium and engineering-oriented materials such as titanium, zirconium or carbon fiber for handles, along with powdered metal blade steels, whose performance figures would have brought tears to the eyes of our fathers and grandfathers, mark these developments every bit as much as ball-bearing hinged blades or particularly ingenious opening and locking mechanisms. Entirely classic, traditional pocket knives nevertheless enjoy unfettered popularity, and the demand for the evergreens among these useful everyday helpers continues to be high. The scales on the Böker Stockman Classic are made from bog oak, a material whose old growth appeal has given this special handle material its enduring popularity. In combination with the shimmering polish of the nickel silver bolsters, it most appropriately embodies the essence of this series. Due to its pleasant handling, the slightly curved shape of the Stockmann has enjoyed unfettered popularity. Chad Nichols shaped the blade from hand-forged, stainless Damascus in the Ripple pattern. The knife is limited to 500 copies world-wide. Discover the fascination of a timeless classic with the Böker Stockman Classic, which will take you along on a journey to the origins of the modern pocket knife.
4045011134043 € 189,95 incl. 21% VAT
Tasman Salt 2 SE Spyderco
Spyderco’s second-generation Tasman™ Salt 2 is a powerful fusion of a hawkbill blade profile, 100% rustproof H-1® blade steel, and an enhanced, injection-molded handle design. The result is an incredibly capable pocket-sized cutting tool that is ideal for anyone who works in or around the water. Available with either a PlainEdge™ or fully serrated SpyderEdge™ cutting edge, the radically curved hawkbill blade of the Tasman 2 literally “collects” the material it cuts, drawing it into the concave edge like an animal’s claw. This dynamic generates extreme cutting power, especially on fibrous, hard-to-cut materials like netting, line, webbing, and rope. The Tasman Salt 2’s high-performance blade is housed in an improved handle design based on Spyderco’s best-selling Delica® 4. Injection molded from tough, ultra-lightweight yellow or black fiberglass-reinforced nylon (FRN), it features improved ergonomics, a non-slip Bi-Directional Texturing™ pattern, and a series of threaded stainless steel anchors for a versatile four-position titanium pocket clip. The handle is also home to a stout back lock mechanism that locks the blade securely open during use. A true pocket powerhouse, the Tasman Salt 2 sets a new standard in mariner’s cutting tools.
0716104011766 € 144,95 incl. 21% VAT
525 gevonden, waarvan 12 getoond.
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