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Street Bowie BK Spyderco
Fred Perrin is a former French Army Commando, a national Tae Kwon Do champion, a European full-contact stick fighting champion, and one of Europe’s most sought-after close-combat and self-defense instructors. He is also an accomplished custom knifemaker and craftsman, specializing in his own uniquely functional designs optimized for military and personal-defense use.

Perrin’s original FB04 Street Bowie was one of Spyderco’s earliest fixed-blade collaborations. Its versatile Bowie-style blade offers both power and finesse, making it suitable for a wide range of cutting chores. The injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) handle features hand-filling contours and molded Kraton® inserts that, together with the deep index-finger choil, literally lock the knife into the user’s hand for superior control.

Long a favorite among savvy knife users worldwide, the Street Bowie is now back by popular demand. Like the original, the current version boasts a flat-ground VG-10 stainless steel blade. In classic Bowie style, it features a straight clip point that centers the tip on the knife’s centerline for maximum control and penetration. An extended section of jimping (textured grooves) on the spine of the blade mates seamlessly with a molded, textured panel on the handle for additional security and control. To reduce its reflective properties, the blade has a durable black ceramic coating.

The new Street Bowie features a completely redesigned sheath. Injection molded from polymer, it has a high throat for positive retention while still providing a full grip on the knife at the outset of the draw. It includes Spyderco’s versatile G-Clip attachment, which supports both belt carry and clip-style inside-the-waistband carry. Configurable for vertical, horizontal, or diagonally canted carry, it can be attached to both sides and both faces of the symmetrical sheath.
The Street Bowie is an incredibly versatile knife that is ideal for both utilitarian and personal-defense applications. It is also a reflection of its designer, Fred Perrin, and his exceptional understanding of functional simplicity.
0716104650095 € 191,95 incl. 21% VAT
Soeper Edge 80442 Haller
Dubbelgeslepen nekmes met rubber greep. Lemmet van 420 rvs met zwarte coating. Incl. kydex schede en halsketting.
Lengten: 75 mm lemmet, 140 mm totaal
Verzendgewicht <500g

Dagger necknife with rubber handle. Blade made of black coated 420 stainless steel. Incl. kydex sheath and bead chain. Dimensions: 75 mm blade, 140 mm total.
4050346804424 € 24,95 incl. 21% VAT
Nekmes Ring 80441 Haller
Klein nekmes met vingeropening in de skeletgreep . Volledig gemaakt van 420 rvs met zwarte coating. Incl. kydex schede en halsketting.
Lengten: 55 mm lemmet, 150 mm totaal
Verzendgewicht <500g

Small necknife with finger opening in its skeletonized handle. Completely made of black coated 420 stainless steel. Incl. kydex sheath and bead chain. Dimensions: 55 mm blade, 150 mm total.
4050346804417 € 23,95 incl. 21% VAT
M48 Higland Sgian UC
United Cutlery
M48 versie van de welbekende Sgian Dubh, met passende schede.
4045011146046 € 56,95 incl. 21% VAT
#CRKT Bita
Outdoormes, CRKT, Bita. Lemmet van 8Cr13MoV roestvrij staal met een hardheid van 56-58 HRC. Heft van roestvrij staal. Lengte: 12cm. Inclusief kunststof riemetui en halskoord. In doos.

Covert in its sheath, but mighty in-hand, the Bita™ is an adventure-inspired everyday carry knife. Clean lines and simplicity are obvious at first glance. But the powerful functionality of this 1.9” fixed blade lurks under the radar until the moment it’s needed.

+Compact, Fixed Blade Utility Knife
+Gear Compatible Sheath
794023240801 € 41,60 incl. 21% VAT
#Obake Skoshi CRKT
Tacticalmes, CRKT, Obake Skoshi. Lemmet van 8Cr14MoV roestvrij staal met een hardheid van 58-59 HRC. Heft met koord omwonden in de kleur zwart. Lengte: 14cm. Inclusief kunststof schede. In doos.

The Obake™ Skoshi everyday carry knife has the same uniquely etched blade, cord wrapped handle and cool factor as its larger cousin. Proof once again that looks can be deceiving.

+Cord-Wrapped Handle
+Individually Etched Ti-Nitride Blade
+Glass-Reinforced Nylon Sheath w/Skull Bead
794023236705 € 51,95 incl. 21% VAT
#Russell Sting 3B CRKT
Mini-dolk, CRKT, Sting 3B. Lemmet van hoogwaardig 8Cr13MoV roestvrij staal met een hardheid van 56-58 HRC en tweezijdig geslepen. Heft van G10 kunststof in de kleur zwart. Inclusief kunststof schede. Lengte: 18cm. In doosje.

A fixed blade tactical knife featuring two edges and one solid piece of hot forged steel, it knows its place—clipped to your boot.

Crafted by A.G. Russell of Rogers, AR, The Sting™ displays one of the inventors of the modern knife industry’s attention to detail. After all, despite all his awards and achievements, he is first and foremost a custom knifemaker.

+G10 Handles
+Dual Sharp Edges
+Glass-Reinforced Nylon Sheath w/Clip
794023202502 € 61,95 incl. 21% VAT
#Mossback Bird & Trout, CRKT
Jachtmes, CRKT, Mossback Bird and Trout. Lemmet van SK5 carbon staal (niet roestvrij) met een hardheid van 54-56 HRC en voorzien van zwarte coating. Heft van G10 kunststof. Lengte: 17cm. Inclusief nylon riemetui. In doos.

The Mossback™ Bird and Trout fixed blade hunting knife with a G10 handle and 2.8” modified drop point blade works as well upriver as it does on upland game. Tom Krein from Gentry, Arkansas, truly lived the motto of form follows function when designing this knife.

+Durable G10 Handles
+Useful Nylon Sheath w/Belt Loop
794023202007 € 60,95 incl. 21% VAT
#Minimalist Black Drop Neck Knife CRKT
Halskoordmes, CRKT, Minimalist Black Drop Point. Lemmet van 5Cr15MoV roestvrij staal met een hardheid van 55-57 HRC en zwarte stonewash finish. Voorgevormd heft van kunststof in de kleur zwart met koord. Lengte: 13cm. Inclusief kunststof schede. In doos.

These compact fixed blade neck knives with tough handles come in a variety of different blade styles. In the woods or around the house they feel equally at home. They’re designed by Alan Folts of Melbourne, FL. A designer and dedicated custom knife instructor with over 20 years' experience, he cares deeply about helping folks learn about knives as tools, and passing along the skills of custom knife making to others.

+Black Stonewashed Finish
+Compact Utility Neck Knife
+Glass-Reinforced Nylon Sheath
0794023238402 € 44,95 incl. 21% VAT
Ritter RSK MK5 Jachtmes
Jachtmes, CRKT, RSK MK5. Lemmet van 2Cr13 staal met een hardheid van 51-53 HRC. Heft van 2Cr13 staal voorzien van koord. Lengte: 10cm. Inclusief kunststof schede. In doos.

The RSK Mk5™ (Ritter Survival Knife) is not a knife you would use all day for normal work tasks however, based on survival expert and designer Doug Ritter's philosophy that "if it isn't with you, it can't save you™," it is compact and light enough to fit in almost any small personal survival kit or stash-away location, yet robust enough that it's a knife you can bet your life on.

+Stonewashed Blade Finish
+Survival Preparedness Tin
+Glass-Reinforced Nylon Sheath
0794023238006 € 30,95 incl. 21% VAT
#Burnley Obake fixed CRKT
Tacticalmes, CRKT, Obake. Lemmet van 8Cr14MoV roestvrij staal met een hardheid van 58-59 HRC. Heft met koord omwonden in de kleur zwart. Lengte: 19cm. Inclusief kunststof schede. In doos.

This tactically inspired everyday carry knife with a uniquely etched blade and cord wrapped ray-skin style handle is the true epitome of cool.

Designed by Lucas Burnley of Albuquerque, NM, the Obake™ is an artful combination of a classical knife style built with modern-day materials and techniques. It’s another example of Burnley’s belief that knives are a personal expression of independence. And this one makes a statement when you bring it out for action.

+Cord-Wrapped Handle
+Individually Etched Ti-Nitride Blade
+Glass-Reinforced Nylon Sheath w/Skull Bead
0794023236705 € 60,95 incl. 21% VAT
Magnum Orange Outdoor
Het ideale allround outdoor mes. Of het nu eten bereiden of vuur maken is, dit mes kan het aan. Met oranje G10 handgrepen, zodat je hem niet kwijt raakt.

The ideal knife for the next hike or trek. The blade is also designed for preparing meals, the sharpening of sticks or hunting use. The blade of 440 stainless steel, the full tang construction and bolted orange G-10 handle scales are the features that identify a reliable and durable outdoor knife. Incl. lanyard hole. Delivery includes a Kydex sheath and MLT carrying system.
4045011101021 € 29,95 incl. 21% VAT
215 gevonden, waarvan 12 getoond.
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