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Bark River Trail Buddy
Bark River
Overall Length: 8 in
Blade Length: 4.250 in
Cutting Edge: 4 in
Blade Steel: A-2 Tool Steel
Steel Thickness: .187 in
Weight: 5.125 oz
Hardness: 58RC

The Trail Buddy is a new hunter in our Professional Series. This classic blade has it's roots in the 1914 design of George W. Brooks, the Editor in Chief of 'The Outer's Book'. (Pre- Forest & Stream) Brooks designed the original and Webster Marble produced it as their Woodcraft. Our Trail Buddy is Mike Stewart's version of that design. The point has been lowered and the banana like relationship of the handle and blade has been removed, giving it a more modern and streamlined look that has an even better cutting belly. It's point is also more in the centerline of the knife. We have further made our version full tang and given it our Professional Series Handling styling.

The end result is a compact, light, and fast handling General Purpose Hunter/Skinner that reflects the purpose of the original design by G.W. Brooks. We are confident that he would have loved Mike Stewart's version of the Design.

The Trail Buddy comes with its own sheath from Sharpshooter Sheath Systems.
0000000184809 € 259,95 incl. 21% VAT
Gobec Integraal Nicker
When tradition meets tradition... For a long time, the hunting community has asked us for a high-quality hunting knife from Solingen. So we put our heads together with the Austrian knifemaker Stefan Gobec and talked about how to improve something good even further. The result is a traditionally shaped hunting knife whose blank is forged according to the Böker hunting knife tradition: fully integral in the die! However, we raise the bar a little higher for our steel and use the proven N690, which sets standards in this class with its excellent cutting performance. The combination of the production style and the material give the fully integral hunting knife maximum stability without affecting the cutting properties. The flat ground blade is 4.1 mm thick and ensures that everything goes according to plan, even during rough dismembering work. The cleanly fitted stag horn scales sit on a tapered tang which not only reduces the weight but optimizes the balance. The gently sloping handle offers unparalleled ergonomics and terminates in a ricasso that simultaneously serves as a solid, non-slip thumb support, improving the knife's handling and its grip. An incomparable hunting knife which leaves nothing to be desired with its traditional shape, its equally traditional forging method and its modern base material. Includes slim hunting knife sheath with detachable belt loop, for carrying in the traditional hunting knife bag or on the belt. Total 21.6 cm. Blade 10.3 cm. Thickness 4.1 mm. Weight 156 g.
0000000120532 € 269,00 incl. 21% VAT
Aurora LT A2 BLK Canvas Bark River
Bark River
Liefhebbers van hoogwaardige semi-custom convex messen opgelet! De Aurora LT, een echt bushcraftmes van Bark River uit het bewezen A2 staal met een hardheid van 58-59 rockwell.

Overall Length: 24,1 cm
Blade Length: 11,4 cm
Blade Steel: A2, 58-59 rc
Blade Thickness: 3,7 mm
Weight: 151 g
0000000026685 € 289,95 incl. 21% VAT
Bolo 1 A2 DesertCam Bark River
Bark River
De meest compacte variant uit de serie. Specifiek ontworpen voor het effectief maken van 'snap cuts'. Vraag in de winkel om uitleg. Ook zeer geschikt voor fijn werk voor wie graag een groter mes bij zich heeft! A2 staal, 57-58Hrc, totaallengte 33cm
0000000026484 € 284,95 incl. 21% VAT
Bravo 1 A2 black Canvas Bark River
Bark River
Liefhebbers van hoogwaardige semi-custom convex messen opgelet! De Bravo, een prachtig jacht/survivalmes van Bark River uit het bewezen A2 staal met een hardheid van 57-58 rockwell.
0000000026482 € 234,95 incl. 21% VAT
Rockstead Kon-ZDP
This knife is a practicable sheath knife. The shape of our blade is made from a consecutive convex surface. This is a technology that doesn't permit other follows, and we have confidence in this surface. When you strongly press this knife against the telephone book, it will cut like cutting butter. Please confirm our HONZUKURI blades that evolved. ZDP189 is a powder stainless steel material developed for cutlery. It is a product of the nano tech. Sharpness did not decrease so much to the blade of ZDP189 after having cut hard Manila rope 780 times. However, it is an unsuitable knife to the beating cut. This knife is full tang.

Full length 254mm
Blade length 133mm
Material ZDP189(It is cladded by VG10.)
Thickness 5.2mm
Weight 236g
Hardness About HRc 67
Material of handle Wood Micarta

Spec 238 x 48 x 24mm With lock system
Material Wood maicarta & nylon belt.
Weight 148g
0000000026268 € 3.249,95 incl. 21% VAT
Ronin Fixed Spyderco
Het lemmet is vervaardigd uit Carpenter CTS BD1, een vacuüm gesmolten roestvrij staal. Deze staalsoort is zeer corrosiebestendig en heeft een zeer scherpe snede. Wordt geleverd met een Boltaron® schede en een G-Clip ™ bevestiging. De G-clip kan zowel verticaal, horizontaal of diagonaal worden bevestigd aan beide vlakken van de symmetrische schede.
716104650767 € 179,95 incl. 21% VAT
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