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Fairbairn Sykes FS2000 Eickhorn
Limited Edition Fairbairn Sykes Dagger FS2000 of only 999 pieces. Each knife is serial numbered. Kalgard coated 55Si7 spring steel blade is double edged. Same classic handle design (hard-anodised aluminum) as was on the original 1941 British Special Forces knife. Black leather belt sheath with snap retainer, paracord retainer, and paracord leg ties. Overall length 29,4 cm, blade length 17 cm, blade thickness 5 mm. Weight 180 g.
4045333023858 € 299,95 incl. 21% VAT
Balbach-Damascus Linder
Exclusive hunting knife with handforged traditional damascus blade - made by Markus Balbach, a renowned German blade smith. Beautiful amboina wood handle. Stainless guard and pommel. In leather sheath. 3 1/2” blade. Special gift box.
4045333015396 € 489,95 incl. 21% VAT
Jaarmes 2018 Magnum Böker

Even as a kid, John H. Davis always got a knife from his dad when they ventured outdoors. It was the most natural thing in the world for him and he carried a knife every day. As a young man, John H. Davis made several knives for his friends and family before training with the American Bladesmith Society. Today, he is an Apprentice Member of ABS as well as a member of the Knifemaker's Guild and the Florida Knifemaker Association. His often-artistic designs cover a wide range from hunting knives with a drop-point blade to Bowies and classic fighters to historically inspired daggers. He also forges his own Damascus, which takes his creations to the next level.

The Magnum Collection 2018 is based on one of his most popular Bowies. The slim construction with elegant lines marks the hybrid style with elements of the classic fighter - a skillful combination of two styles. The narrow blade makes for easy and fluid handling and accounts for the surprising agility of the full-size knife. The bellied handle offers an excellent grip; the stainless steel crossguard and butt plate convey a high level of tasteful solidity. The blade has a large finger choil on the base that allows for a wide-reaching grip for finer cuts. Made from 440C, the blade has a fine satin finish matching the satinized handle fittings and the black Micarta handle.

The design is complemented by a high-quality leather sheath in the signature style of John H. Davis. Limited to 1,999 pieces worldwide. Comes with a premium collector's box with a certificate of authenticity.
4045011136689 € 159,95 incl. 21% VAT
Fox Champagne Sabel
The tradition of champagne bottles with a sword
has been practiced for the first time-about 200 years ago by Napoleon's troops. as a ceremonial for their many victories

Specifically for this purpose, the Italian blacksmith "Fox" disigned this champagne-sword .
When hitting the bottle head the corck will be released the bottle will not be sliced.
The blade of stainless steel T5MOV is blunt and therefore provides a corresponding impact edge. The handle is wrapped with wire like the frech swords 200 years ago. for a good and secure grip.

To present this sword it is delivered with a wooden presentation box and a stand.

Blade length: 40 cm
otal length: 53 cm
Weight: 745 g
0000000260320 € 169,95 incl. 21% VAT
Bottlefly Rainbow Magnum
Flessenopener met vlinderheft, voor het sierlijk openen van uw drankjes. De geanodiseerde kleuren maken het geheel af.
Totale lengte: 21,0 cm
Gewicht: 137 g

This original bottle opener will be a hit at your next party or an eyecatcher at the bar. When closed, the bottle opener looks like a butterfly knife, but it's exclusively a bottle opener. The two-part, perforated handle and the bottle opener itself is decorated in rainbow colors and looks very appealing. Total 21 cm. Weight 137 g.
4045011094491 € 24,95 incl. 21% VAT
Coldsteel Black Bear Classic San mai
Cold Steel
Uit oude collectie: een in prachtige staat verkerende Coldsteel Black Bear Classic, Japanse makelij. Nooit mee gesneden, nooit geslepen maar twee kleine deukjes in voorste 'guard' en wrijfkringetjes in de tweede 'guard', kortom: een unieke kans om dit bijzondere exemplaar te bezitten tegen een wel heel lage prijs! Compleet met schede en doos.
0705442001614 € 320,00 incl. 21% VAT
E6 1 Cocobolo William Henry
Custom Knives
The E6-1 features a sculpted frame in aircraft grade aluminum, hard-anodized to military specs for a lifetime of superlative performance. Inlaid with a beautiful piece of cocobolo wood, like all William Henry’s E series, the E6-1 features a blade of D2 tool steel, one of the most storied and respected steels in the modern history of cutlery. The pocket clip and fittings are crafted from stainless steel and titanium, tempered for optimal wear resistance in any condition.
Our E Series is carried and worn for everyday use by stylish gentlemen, sportsmen, and by many of our troops at home and abroad.

One-hand button lock system
Stainless steel pocket clip
Blade 2.75" (69.9mm)
Handle 3.50" (88.9mm)
Overall open 6.13" (156mm)

D2 is one of the finest tool steels in the world, heralded for toughness, resilience, and sharpness. This blade is hand-crafted from D2, tempered to HRC 60-62 for optimum performance. This polished blade is coated with a molecular bond of Tungsten Carbide for superlative wear resistance.

One of the true tropical rosewoods, Cocobolo is a very beautiful wood, ranging from a beautiful rich dark brick red, to reddish or dark brown, with a figuring of darker irregular traces weaving through the wood. It is fine textured and oily in look and feel. Our premium Cocobolo is sourced responsibly from Mexico and Central America.
0000000026098 € 469,00 incl. 21% VAT
BronzeBird Damast Marttiini
The Eagle Knife was the first product in the Marttiini range of special knives, and is still one of our most popular models.
Combining the classic Marttiini Bronze Bird decorated handle with the beautifully patterned Damascus steel blade creates the Bronze Bird Damascus – a knife that’s an extremely sharp, perfectly functioning tool as well as a collector’s dream. Each knife has an individual serial number, including the year of production.

10cm Blade, 120-layer stainless damascus.
Curly birch handle, black leather sheath. 22,5cm total length.
6416885334323 € 599,95 incl. 21% VAT
Spikke Handcarved Brusletto
Deze Brusletto Spikke BLACK Viking heeft een handgesneden Viking in de handgreep van het mes en is stijlvol voorzien van een mat zwarte polish. Hierdoor krijgt het mes een uitstraling alsof hij rechtsreeks uit het vikingtijdperk komt. Het lemmet heeft een mooie ruwe donkere patina alsof hij net is gesmeed. Beperkt leverbaar!!

Kleur: Zwart
Staalsoort: Niet roestvrij-Carbon Staal
Model lemmet: Glad
Handgreep: handgesneden Berkenhout
Etui: Leer
Ontwerper: Brusletto
Lengte lemmet (cm): 6.20
Lengte handgreep (cm): 9.80
Lengte totaal (cm): 16.00
Gewicht (gram): 45.00
0000000026702 € 69,90 incl. 21% VAT
Exskelibur 2 Damast BokerP
The huge success of the Exskelibur series based on Fred Burger's and Mike Skellern's design prompted us to think about how we could bring the series to the next level. The redesigned Exskelibur Damascus 2 Cocobolo features a stainless damascus blade with beautifully contrasting cocobolo handle scales, making it a collector's piece with a particularly refined appeal. This is also matched by the blue-anodized titanium liner, giving the knife a unique flair. The knife has a liner lock and features a titanium clip on the back.

Overall length: 16,5 cm
Blade length: 7,0 cm
Weight: 56 g
Blade thickness: 2,8 mm
Blade material: Damast
Handle material: Cocobolo
Designer: Mike Skellern & Fred Burger
Lock: Liner Lock
4045011124501 € 159,95 incl. 21% VAT
12cm Pirate WhiteBone Laguiole
Forge de Laguiole
New exclusive Laguiole!
12cm stainless single blade handforged by master artisan Rambaud. Matte faceted pommel, white bone handle. Handforged backspring, half diamond inlay, brut de forge finish.
The pirate skull backspring emblem is handforged too.
A true collector's Laguiole.
0000000265009 € 1.799,95 incl. 21% VAT
Volli Ltd. Assist PE Benchmade
Limited Edition 259 of 750!
Deze Volli, met blauwe G-10 handgrepen is gelimiteerd gemaakt voor 2016 slechts enkele stuks verkrijgbaar. oplage 750 stuks wereldwijd. Het mes gebruikt dezelfde AXIS® Assist vergrendeling als de Barrage® serie, maar heeft een breder lemmet met een slank G-10 handgreep. Een mooi afgerond mes die met een veeg van je duim te openen is dankzij de AXIS® Assist.
Drop-point assist blade with ambidextrous dual thumb-stud opener. BLUE contoured and textured G10 handle limted edition
610953148461 € 249,95 incl. 21% VAT
14 gevonden, waarvan 12 getoond.
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